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. unless you live in certain parts of the great state of new jersey. chris christie's new jersey, the story of the spca winds all the way around to grand juries and attorney general and administration of the current governor and sniper rifles, tear gas and bulletproof vests. oh, my. it's happening right now. and that whole really weird amazing story is coming up next.
the new jersey attorney general, governor chris christie plans to have his own former chief of staff, who was there throughout this entire thing. the confirmation hearing is set for tuesday. he is expected to testify under oath. the chair of the state senate committee said yesterday if the now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." have a great night. >>> chris christie kept talking and talking and talking in his press conference today as if he didn't want it to be over because once the press conference ended, his political career would end with it. >> i know you guys are obsessed with this. i'm not. it's not that big a deal. >> lane closure controversy on the george washington bridge. >> the george washington bridge. >> controversial lane closures. >> newly obtained e-mails. >> members of christie's staff -- >> a top aide to christie. >> how will chris christie respond? >> i come out here today to apologize to the people of new jersey. >> chris christie's response to allegations of political retribution vournding the closing of the nation's busiest bridge. >
about conflicts in syria and iran. and the debate with chris christie. we begin the program with former senate majority leader tom daschle. thank you for being your. obama with relatively low ratings. what does he have to do to turn things around? >> he has to show energy. he has to show passion or the things he wants to do in the second term. there is a feeling of lethargy. he has had some setbacks. he needs to reading gauge and re-energize. and i think he will do that. >> the focus, we are told, will be on income inequality, which is very real. the critics say that it is derisive and that obama offers no solutions. >> whether he offer solutions or not, you cannot ignore it. there are too many studies about it. there's been a lot of attention internationally. i think it would be bad to ignore it. we have to adjust that. we have got conservatives and liberals talking about it. they have different ways of addressing it. but clearly, there is a universal recognition. >> could there be a consensus? >> i think there is always a chance. that is always the question. how can he get to finding
of new jersey governor chris christie. today we have a dear diary moment and she said/she said. this isn't melrose place, it's new jersey. for those of you who are watching football this weekend, let me catch you up. first, the mayor of hoboken goes public with her diary. supposedly christie sent his lieutenant governor to threaten the mayor that he'd withhold sandy relief money unless the mayor approved a development deal. >> when the lieutenant governor comes, pulls you aside in a parking lot and says that these two things are connected. i know it shouldn't be, but they are. if you tell anyone, i'll deny it. she felt almost guilty about saying it. >> keep in mind this is the same mayor who once told cnn that withholding the funding was not retaliation. this morning the lieutenant governor trashed the mayor's story and, watch, she doesn't look guilty, she looks furious. >> the suggestion that anyone would hold back sandy relief funds for any reason is wholly and completely false. >> but this afternoon, the mayor denied the denial. here's a little advice. democrats looking to destroy chr
., the leader, survived the fight despite chris christie in another leadership position and that may have emboldened republicans so i don't know there's going to be a second honeymoon next week. >> you mentioned, michael, a price to be paid. and that goes to show whether that's usual politics or whether governor christie and his aides were ethical or illegal. we'll let you get inside. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >>> absolutely as we wait for governor christie to take the podium we're bringing in josh bear barrel, covering chris christie. and jonathan cape from "the washington post" and how it could end up causing more damage. let me start with you, josh, you were there when chris christie was capping at the time -- a short time ago, was considered an incredible bipartisan victory in new jersey. we covered it here. a lot of republicans around the country were excited by that. what by your time on the ground in new jersey as we're waiting for the governor to come out, what is the differences in your mind? >> i think there's a difference in the state and nationally. nationally, this
to investigate governor chris christie's bridge scandal, but governor chris christie will also deliver his annual state of the state address tomorrow. 3:00 p.m. surely the most eagerly awaited one ever in the history of the great state of new jersey. 3:00. trenton. tomorrow. watch it here on msnbc. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> after a weekend of impeachment talk my first guest tonight will be the chairman of that new committee that will investigate who is really responsible for what happened at the george washington bridge. >> new jersey lawmakers press forrar more answers into the closure of lanes on the george washington bridge. >> storm has not passed. >> state subpoenas and investigative committee. >> chris christie's crisis isn't going away anytime soon. >> a federal audit. also more national headlines. >> thousands and thousands of documents have been revealed. >> this sort of drip, drip, drip of information. >> and not one single link to chris christie has been found. >> but it gets to a culture in his office that is problematic. >> for
" with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> tonight, chris christie's donors are worried, and the first national poll on chris christie since the bridge scandal broke turns out to be very, very good news for hillary clinton. >> 4 in 10 veoters say christie is a bully. >> we has a nation remain stuck in the news traffic jam. >> chris christie's jersey jam. >> come on! >> chris christie and the problems he's had. >> he's a good politician. he's great at defending himself. >> simultaneously, his political career could be finished. >> that's the problem with christie. it's out of his hands. >> in terms of vetting, in terms of the department of justice investigations. >> he has a long road ahead. >> i have had no contact with david wildstein in a long time. >> so we see that wall street journal picture. >> appearing to interact with wildstein on september 11, 2013, the third day of the lane closures themselves. >> decisions for key players come as early as tomorrow. >> when they testify, what's going to be his position then? >> if you want to talk about salt in the wound, there's this. ♪ i
. >> state subpoenas and investigative committee. >> chris christie's crisis isn't going away anytime soon. >> a federal audit. also more national headlines. >> thousands and thousands of documents have been revealed. >> this sort of drip, drip, drip of information. >> and not one single link to chris christie has been found. >> but it gets to a culture in his office that is problematic. >> former deputy chief of staff bridget kelly. >> deputy chief of staff bridget kelly gave the order. >> let's call it an ill-advised decision. >> pof these lanes closed. >> we also don't really know why it happened. >> why did she order these lanes closed? >> the biggest unanswered question is how much christie knew. >> the assembly has the ability to do articles of wim paecht. >> john wisniewski's mentioned the i word there. >> we're way ahead of that. >> not one single link to chris christie has been found. >> but it gets to a culture in his office. >> if there is a culture -- >> that is problematic. >> in terms of what the republican leaders are doing. >> we have these two competing narratives. >> stra
, the players in the chris christie bridge-lane shutdown scandal are waiting for a knock at the door. right now. we do not know exactly who is being served with subpoenas tonight. the state assembly said today they will not release the names of the people who they are subpoenaing until those people have been served. they've been individually, personally handed their subpoenas in print in person. once that happens, once that i been served, we are expecting to get their names, the list of names. we're told to expect new subpoenas for roughly 17 individuals in the state of new jersey tonight and three entities. and by entities, that means organizations. we're told to expect that that may mean political organizations or campaigns. we're told that they are about to get served tonight as well as those individual people. now, why would political organizations get subpoenas in this scandal? well, when the governor's deputy chief of staff apparently ordered time for traffic problems in fort lee. if that was ordered up for political reasons, if fort lee was purposely gridlocked as a way of trying to hurt
opinions of chris christie. first we have breaking news about another, quote, scandal involving republican governor. late today the former virginia governor bob mcdonald and his wife were indicted on charges of illegally accepting gifts. he calls it a false indictment and this may end up being another example of overreach by president obama's justice department. this news broke shortly after chris christie was sworn in for a second term. in an impressive speech christie rose above the bridge scandal at least for today. >> okay, newt. here we go. you guys can try to posh this up. i think the republican party is in real trouble tonight. during the shutdown they say we have these strong governors. now we have governors in trouble. in the "crossfire" we have democratic strategist brad woodhouse and republican ken cuccinelli. let's go to you. you have worked very closely with governor mcdonnell. a lot of people said his troubles held you back in terms of your own race to be the governor. what is your reaction to the indictments tonight? >> certainly they cause challenges for us all of us in vir
.m. in the east. there could be more stunning revelations today for chris christie and the political scandal putting him in the center of the political spotlight. he says he's embarrassed and humiliated and sorry for what he claims happened without his knowledge. he's now fired a top aid and asked an adviser to give up a job for their roles in a shutdown of traffic on the very busy george washington bridge during last year' gubernatorial campaign. apparently it was political payback against a mayor who wouldn't endorse their boss. documents are expected to be released today. a source says the fbi now looking into what happened to see if federal law was violated. even though christie apologized, one person connected with the shutdown is not talking. joe johns begins our coverage. >> i come out here to apologize. >> another had no interest in even starting opinion >> on the advise of counsel, i assert my right to remain silent. >> reporter: a two-hour press conference, chris christie announced the firing of a key aid, his former campaign manager and assigned much of the blame to the scandal fo
chris christie tries to skid into the bridge. in his news conference than he probably has his whole political career. i'm jake tapper. he said he's embarrassed, humiliated, but not a bully. governor christie apologizing but saying he did not know anything about an ark orchestrated traffic jam in new jersey. >>> the world lead. what a day for mea culpa. dennis rodman saying that he's sorry for the cnn interview seen around the world. you see, everybody, it's okay, he was just drunk. >>> and the pop culture lead. are fans of the critically revialed insane clown posse really a gang? good afternoon, everybody. we begin today with politics lead. chris christie expected any minute now to offer his apologies to the community and the mayor in person after doing it on their tvs earlier in the day. it would not be an exaggeration to call this the most crucial day in chris christie's day. they got a look at text messages and e-mails that ties one of his top aide and a port authority scandal that linked them to a traffic scandal which may have been retaliation against a democratic mayor who did
the state of chris christie's denial. >> the last week has certainly tested this administration. >> chris christie is set to deliver his annual state of the state address. his fourth state of the state address. >> today, chris christie returned to the stage. >> to tout his bipartisan accomplishments. >> we have chosen to work together. these are our achieve. s. >> keeping his focus on all the other issues facing his constituents. >> the state of the state is good and getting better. >> not everyone is moving on, though. >>' what you have is political blood in the water. >> this last week has certainly tested this administration. >> the super committee is going to convene. >> 51% say christie hasn't been completely honest. >> more subpoenas could come thursday. >> there's more investigations everywhere. >> new jersey politics is rough and tumble. >> retribution and sort of pay back. >> mistakes were clearly made. i know our citizens deserve better. >> today is all about bridge-gate. the scandal surrounding the lane closures near the george washington bridge. enveloping his administration,
, and started being a story about why chris christie is probably never going to be president of the united states is when this happened. . when the port authority which runs the bridge, put out a statement saying, the week long traffic jam that gridlocks the town of fort lee, that traffic jam was because of a secret traffic study. as soon as they said that, and the traffic columnist called around and asked for comment from local officials on that statement, the police chief in fort lee and the mayor in fort lee immediately called bull puckey on that claim. it's not true, i asked the port for an explanation, but they haven't responded. i thought we had a good relationship, now i'm beginning to wonder if there's something i did wrong. am i being sent some message? yes, as it turns out, you were being sent a message. traffic jams caused by poorly organized traffic studies are not big news stories. but the state of new jersey is being run in such a way, that traffic patterns are being manipulated, that is public corruption. that's public corruption and the abuse of public office potentially on
who says chris christie should come clean and come clean now. cnn has just obtained a letter that shows what started as a local political fight had real life or death consequences. >> yeah, i guess it all comes down to what chris christie knew or didn't know, there was -- deputy chief of staff who were still on their jobs tonight, is there a surprise he has not already taken action and fired those responsible? >> well, it is a difficult situation over there, because the alternative to not knowing was knowing, which would have been another headache. but the headache he is dealing with is that governor chris christie did not know what was going on in his own office apparently. while he said he was misled by his staff, the e-mail suggests that he and others at the port authority may have had knowledge of what was going on. the governor did provide accountability. >> joe johns, thank you very much indeed. joining me is the mayor of fort lee. mr. mayor, what is your reaction to chris christie's statement late this afternoon? >> that he is appalled. i wish it came a little earlier.
me the opportunity to serve. >> chris christie takes the oath of office for his second term. >> second inauguration. >> it's only fitting in this administration. >> but regardly a fresh start. >> with more hurricanes, snowstorms. >> it's really coming down in trenton, new jersey. >> we begin the second term the same way. >> it wasn't supposed to be this way. >> we will follow the information we have. >> a supercommittee, he's fighting wars on two fronts. >> raises serious allegations. >> her allegations have to be looked into. >> i don't think she's going to succeed in shaking christie down. >> he called her a lady mayor. i assume that's not something you meant to say. >> i didn't mean for it to be taken the wrong way. >> every mayor in new jersey is going to be asked, what were your dealings with this administration? >> governor chris crist too eis trying to reset his political future. >> i think you're going to see a more reserveds christie going forward. >> i believe in you, new jersey. and i always, always will. >> it's hard out there for a republican governor. today, th
film "sole survivor" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> cc chris christie, angry. the i'm sorry coming nearly a thousand pages of new evidence this morning. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> it's friday. it's jan 10th and it's 4:00 a.m. in the east. we're here at 4:00 a.m. because of the questions for chris christie. the biggest question is what's next no thaw he's formally said that he's sorry, very sorry for what he claimed happened without his knowledge. let's update you on what he's done. he's fire d a top aid, asked anned a adviser to give up a job. this is for their roles in the shutdown of the bridge for a pay wak against a mayor that would not endorse their boss. today there will be more developments. nearly 1,000 pages of new documents are kpped to be released showing what state lawmakers have found out so far. the fbi is now looking into what happened o see if federal law was violated. there was a lot to talk about. a lot new going on this morning. let's begin with the apology. he apologized more than 40 times in what one person connected
of manhattan. that's the george washington bridge. it's famous now for the chris christie bridge scandal. but it's also a landmark in its own right. right? the busiest bridge for vehicular traffic in the entire world. the george washington bridge up there at the top of your screen, that is not the only way to cross the river from new jersey into new york. below the george washington bridge, your next option is a tunnel. the lincoln tunnel. below the lincoln tunnel your next option is another tunnel. the holland tunnel. below that, you have three bridge options all of which go from new jersey not to manhattan but rather to staten island. first you get to the baon bridge. beyond that, the goethals bridge and there's an outer bridge crossing. holds a romantic place in my family because my partner, susan, was born under the bridge in perth amboy. something really bad happened on the outer bridge, it was a huge screwup, and it got people really mad. >> port authority says staffing shortages are to blame for the massive backup for staten island residents trying to get home on easter sunday. dr
struggling just to survive. >>> new jersey governor, chris christie under fire at this hour after closing the lanes on one of the world's busiest bridges. he said that he did so on purpose to cause a traffic jam. he's going to address reporters in just moments. all of this is said to be a payback against a local mayor who didn't support christie's election bid. the mayor said that it's pay back, and the governor said that he is outraged. we go to erica with more. > >> good morning, del, and the governor will be facing tough questions from reporters any minute now, since documents revealed yesterday showed that people close to the governor orchestrated this traffic jam at the base of the george washington bridge, which is 'very busy bridge during rush hour back in september, and the reason, possible retribution against the mayor of who refused to back the governor's re-election campaign. >> who, in their right mind, would close down access to the busiest bridge in the world to send me a message? >> the mayor of fort lee, emergency energy, said that chris christie has a lot of explaining t
>> new jersey governor chris christie trying to distance himself from a growing political scandal. emails suggesting his staffers orchestrated traffic jams on a bridge as part of a political vendetta. >> the white house circling the wagons after a scathing book from robert gates. the white house taking aim at robert gates. >> congress trying to compromise on unemployment benefits. what is holding up the vote that would help a million out of work americans. >> i was talking myself into believing it was okay, it's just marijuana. >> a serious draw back to legalize the pot in colorado. some suggest it's easier for kids to get their hands on the drug. >> hi everyone, good to have you about us. i'm thomas drayton. >> new jersey governor chris christie is involved in a local political scandal ruffling his image. emails suggest chris christie's top staffers were involved in closing access lanes to the george washington bridge in september, causing massive traffic delays for days. as david shuster reports, it could hurt chris christie's presidential ambitions >> emails released shows a to
josh, it is a big moment for chris christie. we'll be waiting and watching developments as they happen. we have to leave it there. thanks for hanging with me, guys. that is all for now. i'll see you back here monday at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >>> good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live. we start the show with breaking news tonight. there has been a major development in the chris christie bridgegate scandal. according to "the new york times," david wildstein is saying governor christie knew about the lane closures. the ex port authority appointee released a letter through his lawyer today describing the closures as the christie administration's order. the letter says evidence exists tying mr. christie to having knowledge of the lane closures during the period when the lanes were closed contrary to what the governor stated publicly in a two-hour press conference. the letter says mr. wildstein contests the accuracy of various statement it is governor made about him and can prove the inaccuracy of some. christie denied any knowledge of the lane closure. >> i'll
're looking live sat chris christie bridge over troubled waters and tonight those waters are getting even more troubled. bridgegate is a growing headache for the big man and the governor faces a new scandal tonight, allegations that he used snowstorm sandy relief money to produce tourism ads starring himself and his family. tonight i'll talk to the lawmakers leading the bridgegate allegation, and the woman who ran against christie and lost. and this is a blockbuster that roger ailes doesn't want you to leave. i've got a prime-time exclusive with the author, gabriel sherman, who says that fox news is a political machine that employs journalist. and the gift that keeps on giving, except people aren't laughing anymore. dennis rodman. i'll talk exclusively to one of the only people on earth who might be able to explain exactly what rodman's been up to. candy anderson is with him in korea. dennis rodman arrived back in america tonight. it left people around the world trying to figure out exactly why he was there and what he was thinking. rodman made the trip to korea with seven-of his former nba co
that is where governor chris christie is expected at any moment. we will bring it to you. we're following rapid developments in a day focused on chris christie's response to allegations of political retribution surrounding the closing of the nation's busiest bridge. that all stems to incidents back in september. chris christie's visit to fort lee will come after a nearly two-hour news conference today where chris christie announced the firing of a. bridget kelly and after a statement from the u.s. attorney's office in newark it was reviewing the later, we will determine whether the law was implicated. david wildstein pled the fifth refusing to answer state lawmakers for investigating this very issue. we need to be clear, no evidence has suggested that chris christie knew about or ordered the lane closings in question. now, throughout the nearly two-hour-long news conference the governor emphasized his repeated attempts in the past to minimize this scandal were based on deception fed to him by staff members. >> i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning o
an extraordinary nearly two-hour news conference by the governor of new jersey chris christie apologizing repeatedly for what occurred in his state by some of his senior advisors announcing some forced resignations. he was firing his deputy chief of staff bridget anne kelly for supposedly going ahead and orchestrating an act of political vengeance, political vengeance, against the mayor of ft. lee, new jersey, the folks of ft. lee because the mayor allegedly supposedly had failed to endorse his re-election. the mayor is a democrat, chris christie is a republican. why a democrat would endorse a republican for re-election is something that is odd to begin with. we didn't get the explanation from bridget anne kelly, the governor didn't get the explanation from his former deputy chief of staff because he didn't talk to her after he fired her. chris cuomo is watching this closely for us in new york. chris, why wouldn't -- if you wake up in the morning as the governor says he went and exercised about 8:30 in the morning, he sees on his ipad on this story in one of the new jersey newspapers with
jersey. governor chris christie says he didn't know anything about it, but the u.s. attorney launches an investigation. >> a new program to fight poverty - pumping aid into five depressed area. >> in an unusual attraction, the eerie islands of the dolls. why so many flock to see this site. >> welcome to al jazeera america, i'm thomas drayton, good to have you with us. we begin with a chemical spill prompting west virginia's government to declare an emergency around charles son. 100,000 are affected and nine counties. health officials are advising people not to drink, bathe or cook with the oil. the chemical used to process coal leaked into the elk river. daycare, universities, schools are told to cut down. the department of health says: >> the diplomats at the center of a standoff between the u.s. and india is on her way back to her home country. prosecutors charged devyani khobragade with visa fraud. as john seigenthaler reports, the u.s. ordered her to leave. >> from the start this case has caused outrage in india with protesters filling the streets. it started last month when u.s.
knew before today about the chris christie new jersey bridge scandal was this e-mail sent from governor christie's deputy chief of staff bridget anne kelly to a christi appointee at the port authority saying, for some reason, "it's time for some traffic problems in ft. lee." david wildstein, chris christie appointee at the port authority which controls the george washington bridge, the busiest bridge in the world, responded to that apparent order by saying "got it." that was the most important thing that we knew before today. for color, before today, we also had mr. wildstein and somebody else unknown texting back and forth about their glee, their delight, that ft. lee, new jersey, had been turned into traffic hell for a week. that school buses were trapped in the gridlock and kids could not get to school on the first day of classes. they are the children of barbara buono voters. don't feel bad. they're the children of democrats. it is not wrong that you are smiling at the suffering that we have caused them. we had that before today. today, with release of more than 2,000 pages of docum
landslide. republican chris christie did win re-election as new jersey's governor by a lot. he won by 22 points which is a lot. but it is, if we're counting, less than half the size of the de blasio margin. on one level, who cares? the guy still won by a lot. maybe the governor does care about that. maybe he cares about not winning by a lot but as much as possible. today governor christie gave a long, long, long press conference responding to the scandal that has engulfed his administration. and that has possibly spiked his hopes of becoming the republican party's nominee for president. the "bergen record" newspaper yesterday as you know published documents that seemed to confirm democrats' longstanding allegations that lanes to the george washington bridge, most heavily traveled bridge in the world were shut down on purpose in order to create a huge traffic disaster in the town of ft. lee, new jersey, as some sort of political retribution. the governor had previously mocked the story and attacked the legislators who were investigating it. he had denied that anyone on his staff had anyth
and real gangsters of boardwalk empire. today the story of new jersey governor chris christie and the apparently politically motivated shutdown of lanes on to the george washington bridge took a turn into jersey city. when the city clerk's office in jersey city responded to an open public records act request and released these documents. they're documents concerning that rising star mayor of jersey city, steven fulop and the question of whether he and his city were treated to their own version of what ft. lee got. in terms of political retaliation and retribution from the christie administration. >> steven fulop is elected mayor of jersey city, ousting the guy who was naked on his porch. that took place tuesday may 14th, last year. the night steven fulop won that race, apparently governor christie phoned mr. fulop to congratulate him on his victory. we know that today because of this text message to mayor fulop from mayor-elect fulop at that point from bill baroni. the text says, "needless to say, congratulations on a tremendous job. i know the governor reached out last night
before today about the chris christie scandal was sent from bridgette ann kelly to a christie appointee saying, for some reason, quote, it's time for traffic problems in ft. lee. they control the george washington bridge, the busiest bridge in the world responded to that apparent order by saying, got it. that was the most important thing we knew before today. for cover, before today, we have mr. wildstein and somebody else unknown texting back and forth about their glee, the delight that ft. lee new jersey was in traffic hell, school buses were trapped and kids couldn't get to school the first day of classes. they were the clirn of barbara buono. it's not wrong that you are smiling at the suffering we have caused them. we have that before today. today, with the release of more than 2,000 pages of documents, which the legislature obtained under subpoena, today, we learned quite a bit more. after that mid august instruction from governor christie's office that it was time to cook up something terrible, within the port authority, the traffic engineers were asked to provide a few different
still do not know. >> good morning. >> today in new jersey, chris christie put on a marathon performance. ripped straight from a "west wing" script. >> i should do a till they drop press conference on the nuclear accident. answer every reporter's question. stay at the microphone until i bore them to death. >> during a press conference that lasted 108 minutes the world got a chance to see how chris christie is dealing with the scandal that could end his career in politics. for one thing, chris christie is stunned. >> i'm stunned. >> he is embarrassed. >> it's embarrassing. >> he's also hue mill ymiliated >> because he's been betrayed. >> a person close to me betrayed me, betrayed me. >> therefore, he's angry. >> what i read yesterday makes me angry. >> then, again, maybe he's just sorting some stuff out. >> i don't know what the stages of grief are in exact order. >> today we found out in spite of vid wrote taped evidence that would lead us to think otherwise -- >> are you stupid? >> -- chris christie is no bully. >> i am who i am but i'm not a bully. >> the biggest takeaway from chris ch
she have even thought this kind of retribution was possible and desirable working for chris christie unless that atmosphere existed in that office? >> that's a very difficult question. the other difficult question is, can a deputy in the governor's office in one state order lane closures in the port of new jersey by a phone call or get people to do it? i think there are still unanswered questions. i think he came out very strong today. i've known him -- i've known him since he was a teenager, one thing about him, he never has lied to me. i've always believed him. you can criticize in a lot of ways, but i don't think you can cite size he's not a truth teller. i suspect he didn't know. how that atmosphere was allowed to exist and shou she says could give an order to the port authority and have it accepted and whether or not there are more than two or three people involved, that's going to come out over the next weeks or even months and we'll have a big effect on chris christie's future. >> and whether or not this was an isolated incident, whether there were actions taken against other
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,913 (some duplicates have been removed)